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                                  Centre for Geopolitics

                                  Providing historically-grounded solutions to enduring geopolitical problems



                                  Event report: Beyond Coronavirus?


                                  On Tuesday, the 21st of July, the Centre for Geopolitics held a joint video-panel with King`s College, Cambridge, and the Centre of Governance and Human Rights, also at the University of Cambridge. The title of this interdisciplinary event was “Beyond Coronavirus?” taking a long-term...

                                  Event report: Foreign Intervention in Middle East Geopolitics

                                  17 July 2023

                                  On 2 July 2023, the Centre for Geopolitics convened an online panel discussion on the topic of Foreign Intervention in the Middle East, bringing together four experts in the field:  Nikolay Khozanov, an associate researcher at Qatar University and a consulting fellow at Chatham House; Ambassador...

                                  New International Advisory Board

                                  6 July 2023

                                  The Centre for Geopolitics is pleased to announce the creation of its International Advisory Board (IAB). Comprised of 20 distinguished scholars and prominent practitioners, the IAB will advise the Centre and champion its work.

                                  The IAB will help to further the Centre’s mission to confront...

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                                  • 20Aug
                                    Hong Kong’s Future under China’s National Security Law
                                  • 09Sep
                                    Tackling Inequalities from the Pandemic

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